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Many consumers are frustrated with required health plans that have high out of pocket expenses, are confusing and restrict their healthcare choices. Additionally, these plans are unaffordable without a premium tax credit or an employer contribution.

Starting in 2019, the individual tax penalty for not having health insurance plans that meet the coverage requirements under the healthcare law no longer applies. This means consumers looking for affordable options can now shop freely for private plans that fit their budget.

Fixed indemnity plans are growing in popularity among families and small businesses. These plans pay a fixed dollar amount based on a schedule of benefits chosen by the client. The client pays or keeps the difference between the amount paid by the plan and the amount billed by the medical provider.

For healthy individuals or families without pre-existing conditions, key advantages of fixed indemnity plans include:

Ability to choose benefits that fit the household budget.

Affordable premiums ranging from $65 to $710 per individual.*

Freedom to choose any doctor without benefit restrictions.

Expert assistance with medical bill negotiation before during and after a healthcare event.

*NOTE: Health status determines eligibility, once approved eligibility is locked until age 65 and pre-existing conditions are covered after 12 months.

Take 90 seconds to determine if these plans are right for you and how much you will save by answering this survey.

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